How to: search for jobs on Twitter

By Matthias Feist, Head of Careers and Business Relations

Cats, celebrities and embarrassing selfies – that’s what springs to mind when most people think of Twitter. Yet Twitter is a fantastic job search tool – it enables you to find conversations, the people involved in them, and job opportunities in real time. What’s not to like?

Want to give it a try? Do these three things:

Build your own job board

Use the list function in Twitter to build job feeds of employers you are interested in as well as all job boards relevant to your career aims. Create a list and call it ‘Job Board’. You will from now on be instantly informed about all opportunities from your favourite employers.

Make sure you can jump into action when that opportunity arrives so you can apply instantly. With larger companies this may take a day or two (to research, write a cover letter or fill in an online application form – see your CBR Careers Advisor for guidance). With smaller employers it may mean sending them a link to your LinkedIn profile right away, requesting a meeting.

Build your knowledge base

After building your job board, improve your employer and sector knowledge by building another list containing everyone who writes, blogs and tweets about your career area. Call it ‘Influencers’. Don’t only follow the big publishers, but use relevant hashtags to find the industry insiders, journalists and academics. Follow them and read what they write daily. This will become your knowledge base of what’s happening in your chosen industry.

Build your profile

Once you follow all these people and organisations, start retweeting. You don’t have to say much yourself, but a comment like ‘Look at this interesting article…’ is useful. Share this daily and compliment people for their good content. Check out who follows the people you follow and follow them too. This will get you noticed and your number of followers will rise (just always add them to your list right away). So will your Google ranking – which is the first place where a potential employer will look.

Put your professional Twitter name on to your CV and give an employer a chance to see what stories you are following. This adds credibility to your claim that you really care about marketing/finance/psychotherapy/theatre etc.

Last words: this only works if you use Twitter daily and you react swiftly. Don’t play Angry Birds on the bus, but instead progress your job hunt using Twitter on your smartphone.

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