Do good things come to those who wait?

By Matthias Feist, Head of Careers and Business Relations

They say good things come to those who wait, yet that’s not entirely correct. Good things come to those who seek them out!

In the process of developing a professional identity, it is important to change from being viewed as a ‘student’ to being recognised as a ‘professional’. In job adverts this is often hidden behind vague phrases such as ‘taking on challenges’, being ‘pro-active’, or having a ‘can-do attitude’. That identity change is not only one that will help you get a job, but will be vital in keeping it.

Over the summer, we will be rolling out coaching for recent graduates in jobs to help them complete this identity change. Why? Because the main thing employers tell us they tend to miss in graduates falls in this grey area of professionalism.

How can you develop this? There are many ways, but today we will focus on communication and information sharing:

Tip #1 Do what you say and do it on time

There’s no deeper explanation here – just do this.

Tip #2 Read your email and react

This one helps with Tip #1, and it’s a common gripe in most work environments. You miss a vital piece of information and therefore fail a task. While sanctions as a student may be buffered by a retake opportunity, there are no such opportunities in the workplace.

Tip #3 Don’t sit on information – share it

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out colleagues have been sitting on an important piece of information which they haven’t shared. It’s not that they didn’t want to; but that they didn’t think it was essential for them, so it just dropped off their radar. This is something you can change today. Look at your inbox and your social media and news feeds. There is plenty of stuff there which you have no interest in. But you know someone who will be interested – share it in the appropriate way (see our recent blog on Twitter) and you will both be collegiate, but will also be seen to be collegiate.

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