Beyond studying psychotherapy: being a professional practitioner & CPD

By Veejay Mistry, Careers Advisor

Thinking back to the time when you decided to study psychotherapy, you may have thought about future job opportunities once you graduate. Well now that you’ve become a professional counselling practitioner, what’s next? This is where the Careers and Business Relations team can help you!

Where to look for work?

  • Commonly, the NHS job board is where most practitioners will be looking for work.
  • As a Regent’s University London student, you can register with UKCP to receive the many benefits they offer, from The Psychotherapist magazine to conferences and events information.
  • By becoming an individual member of BACP, you can get access to their job board to view current opportunities.
  • If you are looking to work in higher education, explore
  • You may want to consider specialist recruitment agencies, like Alexander Leigh, that can help with job hunting.

How do the resources above help you?

  • It will allow you to keep up-to-date with new research or specialist groups.
  • Through an optional subscription, you can receive job opportunities.
  • It gives you access to networking and speaking to professionals.
  • This can be an opportunity for you to find out information about the hidden job market and how positions are advertised.

CPD – Continuing Professional Development

Being a member of a professional body demonstrates how serious you are about your industry and allows you to receive updates on what CPD is available for you.  As a practitioner, it is recommended you continue your professional development. It is important to “keep abreast of clinical and theoretical papers, which can be done by regular attendance at conferences, courses or meetings” (

Why? This adds value to your professionalism and shows continued drive and motivation to increase your “knowledge, skills and personal qualities” (BACP). Find out if this is applicable to you at the British Psychoanalytical Council (BPC).

How does CPD benefit you?

As noted on BPS, this enhances your existing practice and demonstrates you have reflected on areas of professional development, technical duties and possible skills gaps. It shows employers you remain passionate and are serious about your professional practice.

So, what’s your next step? Some tips:

  • Research is paramount – explore your industry and role. What are the requirements?
  • Ensure your CV is tailored to your specialist role.
  • Come and practice your interview skills with a qualified Careers Advisor.

Book an appointment today! Get ahead and look at the resources and support you can get from the Careers and Business Relations Team.

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