Success Story: Shahram Shojaey – Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture

 Shahram Shojaey is a graduate from Regent’s University London who studied the BA (Hons) International Business degree at European Business School London (EBSL).

Shahram worked closely with the Careers and Business Relations team during his time here, and he was successful in securing a graduate job as a Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture in London. He shares his truly international story with us…

I chose to study International Business at EBSL, Regent’s University London, because it promotes a global view of business and prepares students for an increasingly internationalised world. I was also very interested in the study period abroad programme, the compulsory work experience and the possibility to maintain and develop my foreign language skills.

The Careers and Business Relations department offered me guidance and helped me build my CV. They also offer workshops and industry specific events. I attended several of their events and frequently checked the vacancies board for job opportunities on Blackboard.

I spent a semester abroad in NYC and another one in Nice, France. The first one was truly a life experience, whilst the second one was more interesting from an academic point of view. During my time at Regent’s, I also had the opportunity to carry out work experiences abroad; the most intense and enriching one was working in Shanghai, China.

I have been successful in being offered a job by one of the biggest consultancy firms in the world, Accenture. This happened 6 months before my graduation, so I was able to secure a consultant position by the time my studies were completed. Due to the size and reputation of the company, the recruitment process was tough and the competition was high; it included several stages including phone interviews, a group assessment centre and individual tasks and interviews.

Before getting my job with Accenture, I had also got to the final stages of interviews at Lloyds Bank and Procter & Gamble. My recommendation to students looking to apply to big companies is to leave nothing to chance, prepare well for the interviews and do research on the company. Show what you can do and boast about your skills, for example I mentioned my fluency in 5 languages and my leading potential having been the Vice President of EBSL in the Student Union.

I have seen a lot of my peers taking a hopeless attitude after various interview failures. But over time, I found that disappointment is normal, because it allows you to see the failure as an opportunity to learn how to improve. Not passing an interview does not mean you are not smart, it may just mean that the company was not right for you. So I really want to emphasise the importance of never giving up.
I have no regrets, however if I had a chance to do it all again, I would have tried to make the most of my first study period abroad.

I have long-term entrepreneurial plans, but for the moment I am focusing on climbing the career ladder within Accenture.

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