The Energy Sector – Market Overview Workshops

RULCareersBlogPostImageJpegThe Careers and Business Relations team have organised two workshops for MSc Oil and Gas Trade Management students and others wishing to get an overview of the market and career opportunities. The second workshop will then review Shale Gas and its potential importance to solving our energy issues.

These will be delivered by Vince Pizzoni who is a Consultant working in Executive Search for Preng & Associates. Preng are focused on finding exceptional talent for clients in the energy sector including Oil and Gas, Oilfield Services, Chemicals, Power, Renewables, Consultancy, Banking and Private Equity.

Thursday 13th March – The Oil and Gas Industry Today. Are there typical routes in?

The energy industry, and particularly the Oil and Gas sector, remains strong with mature regions such as the North Sea and Middle East continuing to deliver significant volumes, and new areas showing considerable promise for the future. These include East Africa, Kurdistan and West Australia amongst others.

There is a concern about the lack of skilled talent in the industry, especially with the demographics skewed to either those who are soon-to-retire or graduates with less than 5 years’ worth of experience. The workshop will review the profiles of several typical energy industry professionals.

With the diversity in opportunities in the energy sector from Oil and Gas to Renewables to Banking/Private Equity and Consultancy, how do you identify relevant jobs and specifically contact Headhunters?

Thursday 10th April – Shale Gas in the UK. Will it solve our energy issues?

There has been an explosion in growth of small-mid sized independents looking for exploration and production opportunities in major growth regions, and an interesting movement of national oil companies outside their home base to find increased production.

In the last few years we have seen a real game changer with the production of shale gas and oil in the US. This has altered the global picture in gas pricing, reduced US reliance of imports and improved petrochemical production economics. Will it have the same impact on the UK energy picture if potentially commercial reserves of Shale Gas in the UK are exploited too?

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