Success Story: Eva Kramer – Events and Partnership Intern at Cancer Research UK

RULCareersBlogPostImageJpegEva Kramer was an exchange student at Regent’s University London who worked closely with the Careers & Business Relations team which helped her secure an internship at Cancer Research UK. Read her success story below:

I decided to do a semester abroad at Regent’s University London, which has a partnership with my home university in Germany where I’m studying Tourism and Travel Management. I had the chance to choose modules from different semesters and mainly focused on Events and Destination Management as I would like to work in this sector in the future.

As the Regent’s semester finished in December and my semester back in Germany didn’t start until the end of March, I decided to search for an internship during the term break.

During my time at Regent’s, I had several appointments with the Careers & Business Relations team, focusing on my internship application for Cancer Research UK. I was given an insight into the charity sector and how competitive it actually is. I learned how to elaborate the different skills I gained during my previous work experience on my CV.

Cancer Research UK offers a 12-week internship scheme three times a year, which I came across on the ‘Rate my placement’ website. Three days after the application deadline, I got an invitation for an interview at the head office in Angel for the High-Value Events and Partnership Intern role. I was interviewed by two people from the events department, which lasted approximately 50 minutes. Some of the questions were similar to the ones from the application form; some were completely different but closely linked to the specific role I applied for.

My advice for students who are looking to apply for a similar role in the future would be the following:

  1. Put effort into your application form in order to pass the first stage.
  2. Research the company well. You should know some relevant facts & figures in order to show that you’re interested in the organisation and to show an understanding of how they work and what they actually do.
  3. The interview is your chance to demonstrate your interest and especially your enthusiasm. Most of the questions ask for an example of a time when you had to use a certain skill. Try to make your answers lively and interesting to stand out from the other applicants.

The whole application process went quite well for me but in the future I would allow myself a bit more time when looking for an internship. I found the internship at Cancer Research UK only one week before application deadline which made the process a bit stressful as other assignments were due at the same time.

Longer term, my plan is to finish my studies in Germany and I would definitely like to do more internships in different sectors in order to get a better idea of what I would like to do in the future.

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