SpaceWays’ Top Tips for Starting your Own Business


Rob Rebholz is Co-Founder and Managing Director of on-demand storage company, SpaceWays. The company launched in 2014 and has already expanded to five countries worldwide.

Rob shared some insight and top tips on starting your own business with us:

  1. Data

One of our most important success tools has been data. It’s all too easy to have a strict idea of how you think your business should look and function, but if it’s not responding to the data you’re getting from your customers, it’ll fall flat.

  1. Hard work

There’s always an investor to talk to, a candidate to be interviewed, a crisis to solve, and you can’t just work hard from a desk – you need to spend time with your front line team in your market and get involved with customers, partners, suppliers – everyone!

  1. Build a great team

Having people with the right skills is obviously important, but what’s even more vital is having people with the right attitude. A young business needs innovative, goal-driven people who are keen to take on a challenge.

  1. Company culture

Openness and team spirit keep everyone motivated, happy, and on the same page.

At SpaceWays we hold knowledge sharing events, office parties, and always remember team members’ birthdays (and of course, buy cake to celebrate). We also make sure the team in the central office visit the local teams on the ground, so they know exactly how and what we do in our office affects all facets of the business.

Taking your business from idea to fully-fledged company isn’t an easy task, but hopefully these success tools, along with a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit, will be a great base to get you started.

If you’re keen for more advice on starting your own business, please go to CareerHub to book a ‘Start Your Own Business’ appointment with our experienced Business Advisor and Career Coach at Regent’s University London.

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