Learning differences: advice and support for students

Everyone has a different way of doing things. The Guardian recently reported on disclosing disabilities and the adjustments employers could make if they are informed. What matters is you are aware of the support that is available to you whilst at university and when in the work place.

Equality Act 2010

Many students and graduates have not heard of the Equality Act 2010. This act advises on the support students and graduates can receive when in employment or of the rights you have prior to securing employment. Employers are legally responsible for making reasonable adjustments in the work place if you are offered an opportunity and have disclosed your needs.

Opportunities & Information

Opportunities ranging from internships to graduate roles are promoted through various organisations that are dedicated to supporting individuals who have a long term illness or mental/health conditions.

At this stage, some very useful resources you may want to explore before meeting with your Careers Advisor are:

• EmployAbility: offer free guidance and advice, assisting with your transition from education to employment.
• The Shaw Trust, are able to offer guidance on many areas, including how to manage your disability.
• The Government website is very useful with providing information on support you are entitled to.


Some students/graduates are unsure about whether they should disclose to their potential employers. This is entirely your decision; you may want or need special assistance with access to the premises, extra time for online tests or special software, which is where we would generally advise you to mention these requirements.

CBR & Disability Officer

If you have a disability or long-term medical condition that you feel may affect you whilst at university, on a placement or whilst preparing for a job, please be ensured that you can disclose this confidentially. You can either inform CBR staff or the Disability Officer, who will be able to advise you. CBR can discuss the recruitment process and advise you on any adjustments you may want to consider for completing an application, attending assessment centres or even for an interview.

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