Success Story: Charles Guilhen Puylagarde

Charles Guilhen Puylagarde is a European Business School alumnus who originally came to Regent’s to complete his study abroad experience. Charles worked closely with the Careers and Business Relations team to secure a job at iProspect. Read his success story below:

I came to study at Regent’s University London for a study period abroad and decided to transfer my credits in order to finish my degree there. I enjoyed studying in such a bright environment where I was able to meet amazing people (students & teachers).

When starting my job hunt I needed help optimizing my resume, cover letter and find jobs to apply for. I received help from the Careers and Business Relations department which eventually resulted in 2 contracts in digital marketing.

I have attended a very useful class called LinkedIn Masterclass by Julian Childs. Not to be missed. First it allowed me to understand better how to position myself on the job market and then it allowed me to meet Julian Childs who helped me a lot in getting a fantastic offer from iProspect, an award winning digital agency.

First you need to build a CV which will be relevant in terms of skills and experience for the job you’re looking at. To apply I would recommend to use the university’s network and some recruitment agencies. Both will help you to get into the first rounds of interviews. Prepare yourself with some stories, don’t brag about your life in general but tell relevant stories for the job you’re applying, why are you the person they will need. Are you passionate about what you’re doing? Why do you want to do it? Why you, what’s your added value? Use STAR stories as the foundations of your story telling.

To be able to speak other languages will often help you in the hiring process. It’s a plus and sometimes a must.

I’d like to create my own business at some point but to do that I need to have a good experience in companies or corporations, get to know how successful businesses work and get to know all the mechanisms that will help me later on.

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