Success Story: Elisa-Berka Ritter

Elisa-Berka Ritter was an exchange student who completed a semester abroad with Regent’s. She shares how the Careers and Business Relations team helped her secure a 3 month internship in London after completing her study abroad period at Regent’s.

The Careers & Business Relations team supported me with the preparation for my application. My career advisor helped me e.g. by giving me some advices for job search engines for the UK, how a CV should look in the UK and how to write a good cover letter. In addition, before I had an interview we simulated one, so I felt even more prepared. All in all it was extremely helpful as I wasn’t familiar with the UK standards and I didn’t have much prior work experience.

After my semester abroad at Regent’s I did a three month internship in London. Therefore, my career advisor supported me through the application process. During the internship I gained a lot of great experiences and improved my language skills.

Advice I would offer to students looking to apply for similar roles is start very early to look for vacancies and try to find as many information as you can regarding the role and company to be sure you know for what you are applying for and to make it easier for yourself to write the application. I am pretty sure if you are doing this you will show the recruiter that you are the one. I think it was the intense preparation and that I spent a lot of time to prepare my application documents.

Speaking a number of languages also contributed to my success. My native language is German but I also speak English and Spanish. This definitely helped me to do the required research during my internship.

If I had the chance to do this all over again I would start to apply even earlier as I realised that many companies announce their internships very early. My longer term plan is to complete my BA and then I want to do my MSc to gain more specific knowledge and experience to be prepared to work for an international operating company.

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